collages & montages 

JANE DESSA project:


...my collages and montages are pictures that portray messages on different levels. First you perceive them, you have a feeling or a thought; the essence is the effect they make. You understand the concept. Then you take a deeper look and notice the details that may surprise you or even make you smile; you frame the story. 
I refrain from writing down the meaning of the pictures as the good thing about them is that everyone sees the same picture yet observes different things, thinks of different words, and even draws different conclusions. If you know something about design, you notice that the visual quotes – the elements of the picture – are almost exclusively design furniture, objects, edifices, installations, works of famous designers, artists, painters and photographers. However, the best thing is that the collages work without actually knowing the references!
I work using two types of techniques, Photoshop and creating paper based pictures that I cut out and glue the pieces together according to my story…

Current exhibition: Hungarian National Museum